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Legislative Notes for May 10, 2012

May 9, 2012

After a many long days and numerous starts and stops, the session finally came to an end on Saturday at around 6:30 PM with the final gavel of the session.
It is the custom of the legislature for each party leader to speak prior to adjourning the session. As the Minority Leader, I conveyed my appreciation to my caucus and to everyone else that I have had the opportunity to work with over the last two years. This included my legislative colleagues, Statehouse staff, legislative council, joint fiscal office, lobbyists, reporters and advocates. Upon completion of the caucus leaders speeches, the Speaker spoke for several minutes expressing his gratitude for everyone’s work.
The Governor was then whisked in to the Chamber to convey his views on what had been accomplished during the session and to thank everyone for their service. His speech lasted a little over fifteen minutes and at one point he recognized me for my work as minority leader. On his way out of the chamber the Governor stopped at my desk, shook my hand and personally acknowledged me for my work as Minority Leader. I was pleasantly surprised by this action.
Katherine Manley completed her term as a legislative page this week. Katherine did an excellent job and I truly enjoyed working with her. I will miss her big smile each time our paths crossed as we hustled through the Statehouse halls. The legislative page program is very competitive and Katherine is the third Milton eighth grade student to be selected for the program in the last six years. Thank you Katherine!
Tom Cheney another former Milton student who has been working in the Statehouse as the Speakers aide for the last four years has taken a new job. It was announced Friday that Tom had accepted a job with Congressman Peter Welch as a legislative aide and will be moving to Washington DC in early June. Tom did an excellent job in Montpelier and I am sure that he will continue to make us all proud in Washington. I enjoyed working with Tom even though we were usually on opposite sides of the issue. He was recognized for his work by the legislature with a resolution and a standing round of ovation. Congratulations, thank you and best wishes Tom!
It has been truly an honor representing you in the legislature over the last seven years. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone and yet there is still so much more work to be done. I hope to continue serving in the future and plan to run for re-election this fall. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns. I am very interested in hearing from you. I can be reached by calling my cell at 373-5960. My email address is My web-site address is I will summarize the 2012 legislative session in my final report for this session next week. Thank you and have a great week.

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