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October 22, 2012

As we approach Election Day 2012, now less than three weeks away, I call upon Vermonters to take a special interest in their local legislative races.  Having just completed a biennium controlled by a single party, I have witnessed bad Government first hand. The Democratic super majority has passed a number of life-changing pieces of legislation that will have a substantial impact on Vermonters for generations to come.  They have put us on uncharted paths in health care, energy, education, and state spending.  And worse, they have been able to accomplish all of this without ever having to consider the true implications of their actions.  Vermont is now a state of uncertainty.

Vermonters ask me all the time, “What are you going to do to protect my hard-earned income? How are you going to stop a health-care bill from being brought into law when we know so little about it?”  My answer: the only way we can is if we elect a more balanced legislature this November.

Your representatives, Democrats, Progressives, and Republicans, are all nice people.  They all want to see Vermont thrive for generations to come.  But without proper discussion, open dialogue, and a balanced government, the needs of Vermonters cannot be fulfilled.

I hope to continue to serve in the legislature, representing my hometown of Milton. And I want to do so with fellow Vermonters I know I can trust to engage in a meaningful dialogue on the important issues.  Instead, we have a legislature that takes marching orders from the Governor’s office and from Speaker Shap Smith.  Being a member of the Democratic caucus does not afford you the ability to be independent thinking, thoughtful, or able to cross the aisle to work with other parties.  As reported by numerous media outlets this spring, being a member of the Democratic caucus means “their way or the highway.” If you don’t vote the way they want you to, you will be called into the office.

We need to elect people we can trust. We can’t just elect people because they are likeable.  We need to elect Vermonters to the House of Representatives who will fight for working Vermonters, protect their hard-earned paychecks, and provide growth and opportunity for the thousands of small businesses in Vermont.  We can no longer afford to be beholden to the will and power of two men in Montpelier and the countless special interest groups that haunt the halls of the statehouse.

Before you vote this November, please consider casting your vote for balance. Take a look at how your Representatives have voted.  They may be likeable.  They may be charismatic and great people to have in your home for a cup of tea or a beer.  But are they really looking out for what matters most to you?  If not, then maybe it is time to give someone new an opportunity to represent you.–someone who can help restore balance in the legislature, someone who is not afraid to ask the tough questions, or maybe someone who is not being directed how to vote for the benefit of their party and its leadership.

With lopsided majorities in both the House and the Senate, and a Democrat governor for the last two years, Vermont Democrats have been able to pass any measure the Governor and Speaker desire–no negotiation, no compromise, and sometimes no debate.  This is not good government, and it is terrible for Vermont.  On November 6, I urge Vermonters to vote for balance.

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